Wholesaling in its current form has become much riskier than ever before. Here’s why:

  • Many states are prosecuting wholesalers for acting in the capacity of a licensed real estate salesperson without a license. It’s our belief that in the coming months, more and more states are going to crack down on the process of wholesaling residential real estate. See more about this trend here.
  • Finding sellers willing to sell at 50-60% of the fixed up value of the property is difficult. But you don’t have much choice and can’t go higher when you have to turn around and sell it to a rehabber.
  • You’re competing with home buying companies that spend more than a million dollars a year in marketing!
  • Finding ethical, trustworthy investors is not easy. You have to have faith they won’t bypass you and steal your deal. And you have to trust they won’t walk away, leaving you hanging, and ruining your reputation.

    Why Work With US…

    We’ve worked hundreds of deals in Maryland. Now we want to work with YOU!

    We bring the Team & Experience. You find the deal.

    We understand you are grinding as a Wholesaler. You may be new or experienced and that’s great!


    But is it working for you? Is all of that hard work delivering everything that you hoped it would when you started?

    Because the truth is, for MOST wholesalers, it’s not working for them.

    Are you you like them?

The good news is, by partnering with Perry Hall Investment Group, you can avoid all those risks.

Apply to joint venture with us and you can….

  • Make more money. Instead of earning a $2,000 – $5,000 wholesale fee, or nothing at all, you could actually participate in the deal and gain way more upside.
  • Seek Accountability or Mentorship. No wholesaler should have to tolerate inconsistent income. Burnout shouldn’t be a monthly occurrence. But, that’s what happens without support; life becomes unbalanced, chaotic, and unprofitable.
  • Eliminate risks and never have to worry about getting screwed out of a deal.
  • Sleep well at night knowing you are partnering with an honest, ethical and reliable company.
  • Bring an unlimited number of deals and know there will be hungry & active buyers ready to purchase.

Here’s how joint venturing with Perry Hall Investment Group works:

Simply work your magic to find motivated sellers!  
  1. Market to sellers of distressed properties….
    When you find a highly motivated seller, or a get a house under contract in Central Maryland (including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties, and also Baltimore City), submit the deal by clicking here.
    **If you need help in this stage, let us know.  We can steer you in the right direction**
    We are usually pretty accurate when estimating selling prices.  In some cases, we get bidding wars and the price ultimately gets bid up.  In other cases, we may get a bit less than expected.  Overall though, we’re usually pretty accurate.
  2. If the deal makes sense to us, we set a time to view the property and confirm its condition. Please make sure we know how to access the property. If it is on a lock box, please provide the Lock box code.
  3. We’ll set an asking price and/or joint venture fee. If the price and joint venture fee is acceptable to you, we’ll sign an agreement with the seller to proceed -OR- You MUST have the property under contract with the seller(s) of record. Please attach a copy of the executed contract between you and the seller.Please upload Pictures to a photo sharing website like DROPBOX.com, Google Drive, etc. and provide the link in our JV Wholesaler Submission Form.Make the pictures available for public sharing.
  4. If everything looks good, we’ll begin the marketing process. We typically only need about 3-5 days of marketing time.  During this time we’ll keep you posted on the response rate, and any potential takers. PLEASE NOTE: It takes 21-28 days (or less) in order to market a property, find a buyer, and close on the property.
  5. Once we find a Buyer, closing takes place.  You make arrangements to attend closing, accompany the seller, and collect your check. We obtain copies of the final settlement statement and the settlement company wires us our proceeds.
    **NOTE** We Can’t Accept properties:

    • Listed on MRIS
    • That are daisy chains.  You MUST have the property under contract with the seller(s) of record.
    • In areas where there are several boarded up homes on the street
    • Without multiple renovated comps in the area
    • Worth less than $100,000 after renovation
    • That’s not in the Central Maryland Area (including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties, and also Baltimore City).

    Bring Us:

    • Inherited houses
    • Properties with massive repairs
    • Rentals with good tenants
    • Rentals with bad tenants
    • Motivated sellers, etc.



    Submit your wholesale deals and we’ll help you get the property closed quickly! 

What do YOU get out of joint venturing with Perry Hall Investment Group? 

What’s in it for YOU? 


  • Continuing Education
    If you’re interested in learning about wholesaling, here’s your opportunity. The educational currency you’ll acquire from the relationship will be priceless!
  • Access to our Buyer’s List
    We’ve generated over 1000+ cash buyers via networking and social media advertising. We also know all the main investor players in our market. If there is a buyer out there to purchase a wholesale deal, our network lets us find it.
  • Confidence and Security
    We are VERY hard workers, so deals get closed FAST.  And our years of experience means we are well-regarded and trustworthy.

    • 25 Years in Residential and Commercial Transactions!
    • Involved in Over 250 Deals in the last (4) yrs.
    • Tens of Millions of Dollars in Real Estate Transactions
  • Increased Profits for YOU
    Let’s consider an example:  You have a property under contract to buy.  And, you have a rehabber willing to buy it.  This might leave you with a nice profit.  But, what if you could get more?  We market the property and find an investor willing to pay more than what your investor was willing to pay.  Even after receiving our fee, you still walk away with a bigger profit.  And, you don’t have to spend time marketing the deal.  Not bad, huh?

  • Sell Unsellable Inventory

    You have a property under contract to buy, but you can’t find a buyer for it.  We market the property and find an investor.  Including our fee, you walk away with a nice profit instead of walking away empty handed.  We helped you turn a lemon into lemonade.  And, the seller is happy since you performed on the deal as promised.

  • Reduce Risk
    You have a property that could be worth wholesaling, but there’s a narrow margin on it so it doesn’t make sense to close on it and then try to wholesale it – that’s risky and expensive.  

  • Leverage Your Time

    You’re a part-time wholesaler and you have a property under contract to buy.  But, your full-time job gets in the way of your ability to market the deal.  Marketing, selling, and closing deals is a very time consuming process.  This is what what we do.  We have a team and solid marketing systems set in place for each deal that we market, sell, and close.  Your time is valuable.  Leave the time-consuming stuff up to us and stick to what you’re good at – FINDING DEALS.

  • Achieve Broad Exposure

    If you’re only marketing your wholesale properties to a small number of investors, you’re inevitably leaving money on the table.  If you’re new to the wholesaling business, then you won’t have a very large database of investors.  And even if you’re a veteran wholesaler, you know that the turnover rate in this business is high.  This means that the pool of investors is in constant flux.  Investors are always leaving the business, while new investors are entering the business.  This is why it’s so important to have a fresh and robust database of investors.  

    Convert Low-Probability Leads

    If you think a seller is “shopping” you on price, then you can offer our investor network as a selling point to the seller.  This helps you convert low-probability leads into closed deals.  During your initial meeting with the seller, if it becomes clear to you that they are shopping you, then your chances of converting that lead will diminish significantly.  So instead of making an offer and letting some other investor snap up the deal from you because you offered too little, simply tell the seller about our large investor network and our ability the obtain the highest possible prices.  Sellers will love the fact that they won’t have to make any more appointments with other investors while still getting a fair price for their property.  If we can sell the deal after marketing it, then we make money on the spread just like usual.  You’ll increase your lead conversions by about 30-40% using this one technique alone.

    Our vision is to create the most successful and influential real estate network in the world by focusing on teamwork, leadership, and personal growth to achieve our goals. We believe investors, wholesalers, agents, clients, and our community all deserve better than the status quo. As we build that world, we’ll create a brand that is known throughout our communities for service, results, and innovation!
What’s The Next step? If you have a property, Fill out our JV Wholesaler Submission Form. If there are any questions, please refer to the FAQ Section below:


We would like to thank you for YOUR INTEREST IN PARTNERING WITH US! We look forward to strengthening our relationship with you through future deals.






Frequently Asked Questions

Why do wholesalers joint venture with you?

Wholesalers joint venture with us to benefit from our our large investor database and our experience selling wholesale properties.

Do you joint venture with new or experienced wholesalers?

Both.  About 70% of our deals are with very experienced wholesalers and about 30% are with new wholesalers.


Why do you structure the relationship as a joint venture?

A joint venture makes us a principal in the transaction.  This ensures that our interests are completely aligned with you.  In other words, we are not aligned with the investors who buy deals from us, we are aligned with you.  This distinction is important.


How are profit splits handled?
Profit splits are based on a percentage of the wholesale profits collected.  A percentage split removes any conflicts of interest often associated with flat fee structures.  The actual percentages are determined on a deal-by-deal basis and depend on many factors.


Can I market my deal to my own list at the same time you market to your list?
Due to past experiences, we had to discontinue this type of agreement.  We are professionals, so we like to complete the wholesaling process with the least amount of hassle or time wasted.

Think of it like this. We’re the “Uber of wholesaling!”Just sit back, and let us get you to your destination.


I’m a real estate agent, can I benefit from working with you?

Yes.  We work with real estate agents all the time.  If you have a pre-MLS listing, we can market the property on a private-sale basis to our qualified investors.


What types of properties do you wholesale?

We wholesale residential, commercial, tear downs, and undeveloped lots/land.

I have a lead on a wholesale property?  Can we joint venture on it?  Yes.  We can joint venture on deals in which you only have a lead.  We can simply take the lead, or walk you through the entire process – from acquisition to sale.


Who closes your transactions?

We use several licensed and reputable settlement companies to close our transactions.  When we’re ready to put the property into escrow, we will let you know which settlement company we will ultimately use.

If I share information with you about a deal, will you keep it confidential?

Yes.  All information you share with us will be kept completely confidential.  Our reputation is very important to us, so you never have to worry about confidentiality or be concerned about anyone going around you on a deal.  The only time we share information about a deal is when we have agreed to enter into a joint venture relationship and the deal is marketed.

What if I don’t know how much to get a property under contract for?

Once we get an address, photos, and some basic details about the property, we’ll have a good idea of the marketing price for the property.  We are usually pretty accurate.  You can use that information to determine how much to get the property under contract for with the seller.

I have a small circle of investors who I call whenever I have a wholesale property under contract.  Why should I joint venture with you?

If you’re simply marketing deals to a small number of investors, you’re inevitably leaving money on the table.  You will achieve a much higher sales price by marketing deals to over 1,000 people, rather than a handful of people.  On average, real estate investors find that they make between 25-50% more in net profits when working with us than they would on their own – even after paying our fee.  In addition to the incentive of higher profits, you also need to consider your time.  We spend a significant amount of time marketing and selling deals.  This is time you could spend marketing to find more deals.  It’s also why we often work with highly-experienced real estate investors – they place a high value on their time and understand the value we provide.

Who determines the marketing price for the property?

The marketing price is a joint decision.  That being said, we always ensure no over-pricing or under-pricing of properties.

How do you structure deals when you sell them to investors?

Since every deal is different, the way we structure deals depends on many factors.  As an example though, deals may be structured as regular assignments, reverse assignments, double closings, entity sales, trust sales, or straight sales.  We’ll have a better idea of how to structure the deal once we have more information about the deal.  Whichever method we use, our deals are structured using the most sophisticated contracts in the industry.

Does a non-MLS wholesale property have more appeal to an investor than an MLS-listed wholesale property?

Yes.  Many investors prefer to buy non-MLS wholesale properties instead of MLS listed wholesale properties. One of the reasons is that when the investor has completed the rehab and placed the renovated property on the market, retail buyers and their agents don’t see a prior sold MLS listing or the price the investor paid. This eliminates needless arguments about how much the investor is making on the flip. While it is possible to see the past sales history in the tax records, it can often take several months (depending on the county) for the sales history to be updated.  Oftentimes, tax records are not updated until after the investor re-sells (or has contracted to re-sell) to a retail buyer. This is why non-MLS deals are often very appealing to investors.

In terms of marketing the property, does it matter whether the property is vacant or occupied?

Vacant properties are inherently easier to market than occupied properties.  However, if a property is occupied the most important factor to ensure we can sell the property is whether the occupant is cooperative with showings.  If the occupant is present during the day, we can either limit the number of showings to just a few investors, or, if the owner can vacate the house for a few days (or for a better part of the day for a few days), we may be able to work with only 3-4 days of marketing time.  So if possible, try to negotiate a window of time to make marketing the property easier.  Please note that the ideal showing days and times are Tuesday thru Thursday, 9am to 5pm.

How many days do you need to market the property?  In most situations, we only need about 3-5 days of marketing time.  The investors we work with are highly responsive.  So once we send out a property alert email, we’ll usually have a good idea of whether we’ll have a taker on the property within this timeframe.

Should I obtain a key from the seller?

Yes.  Always obtain keys, alarm codes, and/or gate codes from the seller so we can market the property.  

Should I put a lockbox on the property?

Yes.  In fact, place two.  We suggest using a Master Lock 5400D.  These lockboxes provide better security and rarely jam.  The last thing you want is to have a cheap lockbox come between you and a big payday.  Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish – use a quality lockbox!  Place two lockboxes at the property – a primary lockbox (at or near the door people will be entering through) and a backup lockbox (in a discreet location such as a gas meter or a fence).  The backup lockbox ensures that we maintain access at all times in case something happens to the primary lockbox (i.e. it jams or if investors either intentionally or unintentionally remove the key).  Lastly, you should always keep a third backup key in a small envelope.

Should I use an electronic lockbox?

No.  Always use a manual lockbox.  The investors we work with aren’t always licensed Realtors, so they might not have the necessary e-keys required to open them.

Who are the investors that you work with?  Are they pre-screened?

The investors we work with are proven performers.  We pre-screen in two phases; 1) when they are procured and entered into our database, and 2) when we have a deal that they want to buy from us.  If they want to buy one of our deals, we require the following; 1) Proof of funds, 2) Earnest money in cashier’s check form, 3) They must use our contracts, and 4) They must use our settlement company.  Screening in this manner ensures the highest quality buyers for our deals.

JV Wholesaler Submission Form